Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Well-regarded all over the world for their finely designed (and almost perfectly engineered) full-size vacuum cleaners, the Miele company has been responsible for a number of very big breakthroughs in the vacuum cleaner industry – including really perfecting cyclonic technology that almost all vacuums use today.

However, with their incredibly advanced Miele S2121 Olympus canister vacuum, they have decided to take a unique approach to this utilitarian focused piece of technology. Instead of making it as close to a bare-bones option as possible, really only designed for light “mop up duty”, so to speak, this particular canister is capable of the same kind of high performance that all of the other vacuums in the Miele product lineup are capable of.

Now, obviously, this vacuum isn’t going to be able to go toe to toe against all of the full-size vacuums out there on the market right now. However, it’s going to be able to contend with many of them, and even outperform a number of the more “budget based or entry-level” options you’ll find.

Who could have thought a canister vacuum cleaner could be so powerful?

Positive Features

Always known for their exceptional industrial design, everything about the Miele S2121 Olympus absolutely screams high quality and an almost luxury experience – all the way down to the minimalist footprint, the black and white color scheme, and the chrome hose that accepts a wide variety of accessories.

If you always wanted a vacuum cleaner than you didn’t have to hide away in a closet when company was coming over, but instead were looking for a piece that would blend into your decor, you have found it right here!

Secondly, this particular canister vacuum takes advantage of an “auto-sealing” filter system. Basically an automated gasket that helps to lock in all of the dirt, debris, dust, and any small particles or allergens that your vacuum has sucked up to make sure that they do not escape after being captured, you’ll appreciate this “extra line of defense” the very first time you fire this vacuum up.

Lastly, it’s nice to see a company focused on creating a canister vacuum that is able to work effortlessly on carpeted surfaces just the same way that it would hardwood floors and other solid surfaces. Very few other manufacturers can come close to this level of consistent performance, but you’ll be able to expect it out of this unit right out of the gate.

Negative Features

Well, we need to address the elephant in the room – the price tag.

You wouldn’t be able to find a single person on the planet that would call the price tag for the Miele S2121 Olympus canister vacuum to be “low”. A value-based price, sure, but you wouldn’t find anybody that thinks anywhere between $330 and $400 or more would be low for a small form factor vacuum like this one.

Here’s What People are Saying About This Vacuum

At the same time, you wouldn’t be able to find too terribly many people that have bought and used this vacuum that weren’t over the moon with its performance.

If you look at the reviews online, you’ll find that people are incredibly impressed by just how efficient to this vacuum is at cleaning up larger masses, and easily flipping from a carpeted surface to a solid surface with zero reduction in overall performance.

It’s something that you have to see in person to really appreciate!

Final Verdict

Though it has a pretty steep price tag associated with it, most people feel that the Miele S2121 Olympus canister vacuum is worth every single penny. You’ll have to figure out whether or not you’re willing to spend this kind of money on a vacuum that you won’t use as your main option (or shouldn’t use as your main option), but if you want a deep clean and ridiculous convenience, this is right up your alley.